That Anime Show EP 45 with Jamie Marchi and Joel McDonald

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Raised on a steady diet of Bob Saget, Anton Chekhov, Journey and Mentos, Jamie Marchi has been making fresh and acting professionally for a number of years, which, in the interest of national security, shall not be disclosed at this time.

Some of her other more popular voice acting roles are from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (Panty), Witchblade (Masane), Hetalia (Narrator), Soul Eater (Liz), Sgt. Frog (Aki), Shin Chan (Miss Polly), YuYu Hakusho (Juri), Fruits Basket (Motoko), Black Cat (Rinslet), Spice and Wolf (Chloe), Rin (Mimi), Blassreiter (Amanda), Negima (Haruna), Burst Angel (Meg), Claymore (Helen), One Piece (Miss Valentine), Ouran (Chizuru), FMA(s) (Rebecca, Rick), Strike Witches (Shirley), Freezing (Rana), Rosario + Vampire (Ms. Nekonome), Sekirei (Uzume), Legend of the Legendary Heroes (Milk), Sengoku Basara (Matsu), Baka and Test (Shouko), as well as the unforgettable Mikako Satsukitane in Heaven’s Lost Property. Jamie’s behind the scene experience whipping out script adaptations include: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Hetalia, Spice and Wolf, Sgt. Frog, Yamada’s First Time, Baka and Test, Okamisan, Oh! Edo Rocket, Strike Witches, and Negima?! amongst others. She’s also directed Hetalia (Season 3), Spice and Wolf, Sgt. Frog and Negima?!.

In her spare time, Jamie enjoys theatre, 80s music, dancing, running, football, spending time with people who don’t suck, anything cheese or Gummi related, making fun of people who are taking long walks on the beach, and generally just being a redhead. Born in Knoxville but never considering herself a Knoxvillian, she now resides in Dallas after majoring in Theater and minoring in fashion and espionage at the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!).


Joel McDonald has many talents. Writing bios is not among them. He used to do a lot of theatre, but now he works at Funimation on anime and stuff.

Additional details can be found on Google under the search heading “poop sex videos.”


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That Anime Show Halloween Edition 2012

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TAS Halloween Part 3

Artwork done by Steve Yurko

Yes, its that time again, boils and ghouls! See what I did there? Instead of boys and girls, I said boils and ghouls. Seemed rather fitting being that this is our Halloween Edition for 2012.

What should you look forward to?

The return of a fan favorite, homages to classic films, the most random of randomness That Anime Show has EVER DONE. And that’s saying something.

Guests include: Josh Grelle, Caitlin Glass, Bryan Massey, Tia Ballard, Mike McFarland, Zach & Steve of The Unofficial One Piece Podcast, Ryan Reynolds, and Joel McDonald!

What are you waiting for? LISTEN!


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That Anime Show EP 44 The Return of Ian Sinclair

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If, let’s say, as a college student, the voice of Vegeta asks you to jump into the booth
to voice a character with one line, you should probably do it. That’s what Ian Sinclair
did, and look at him now. He is, as they say, making paper. They try to give him
money, but he keeps insisting on paper.

Recently announced as Chuck in Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, a few of Ian’s
most popular roles are Ryner Lute in Legend of the Legendary Heroes, Bardroy in
Black Butler, Romano in Hetalia, and Shu in Princess Jellyfish. Previously, his voice
had a talent for showing up as characters in three categories: The Good, The Bad,
and The Buddy. They are as follows:

The Goodies: Toraji in Bamboo Blade, Liam in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and
that’s all.

The Baddies: Dallas in Baccano, Bora in Fairy Tail, Ian in One Piece, Shogo in Rin:
Daughters of Mnemosyne, Zaki in Claymore, Toyama in Oh! Edo Rocket, Haruki in
Master of Martial Hearts, Douglas and Steve in El Cazador de la Bruja, Shiro in
Okami-san, and Nakajima in Linebarrels of Iron, amongst others.

The Buddies: Daisuke Matsuo in Yamada’s First Time, Marc in Spice and Wolf II, Seo
in Sekirei, Ginei Morioka in Rosario + Vampire, Hasegawa in Baka and Test, Takamy
in Fractale, and Akoz in Casshern Sins.

Please do not allow his multitude of Baddies to make you think he is, in fact, a
Baddie. Of course, those are words only a Baddie would say, but whether or not you
believe him is completely your decision.

Additionally, Ian can be heard as the voice of Baron Flynt in the video game
Borderlands (also a Baddie, btw), and as the “Cool” custom hero voice in Dragon
Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. Ian has worked as a director on Initial D, Spice and Wolf
II, both seasons of Black Butler, and a few others he can’t talk about… yet. Insert evil
laugher here.

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That Anime Show EP 43 with Ryan Reynolds

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For more than a decade, anime has had a fan in Ryan Reynolds. Needless to say, when she got the opportunity to do some voice work at Funimation Entertainment it was like a dream come true for her. Ryan’s big break came when she was given the chance to voice Latvia in a little show called Hetalia – Axis Powers. Since then she has voiced such characters as Amarty in the second season of Spice & Wolf, the younger version of Gray Fullbuster in Fairy Tail, Rin Nakai in Heaven’s Lost Property Forte, Kazuya in Okamisan & Her Seven Companions, and Yoshiko Mikami in Baka & Test: Summon the Beasts. Along with voice acting, Ryan also works as a Graphic Designer for a very reputable ad agency in Dallas and she recently earned a degree in Theater from Northwestern State University.

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That Anime Show EP 42 with Apphia Yu

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Despite being a professional writer, Apphia Yu struggles with writing biographies for herself. It might be because she doesn’t like writing about herself in third person. Here’s a list of things she DOES like: kendo, sunsets, and eating free samples of food. As head of sakevisual, she wrote and produced the visual novels RE: Alistair++, Jisei, Kansei, and Ripples. Her voice credits include Laki in Fairy Tail, Mikuni in Shangri La, Gumogumo in Sgt. Frog, and that one kid who showed up for three frames in Black Butler. You should go listen to them

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That Anime Show EP 41 with Tyler Walker

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Tyler Walker is an ADR director, line producer, script writer and voice actor for FUNimation Entertainment. A native of East Texas, he grew up spending equal time playing in the woods, playing video games, and watching cartoons like Scooby Doo, Superfriends, Star Blazers, and Battle of the Planets.

After graduating from the University of North Texas with a BA in Radio, Television, and Film, he spent time playing in bands and eventually started working as an ADR engineer and production assistant at Funimation in 2002. A bit of trivia: His former band, The Pointy Shoe Factory, had three songs featured in Dragon Ball Z Movie Eight: Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan.

Since then, he has worked as ADR director on more than three hundred episodes of such series as Baccano!, Ghost Hunt, Basilisk, Black Cat, Blassreiter, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, Hell Girl, Fairy Tail, and most recently finished directing Shangri-La. In addition to directing and producing, he has also written over to fifty scripts for titles such as Bamboo Blade, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, Hero Tales, Fairy Tail and Shangri-La.

When he’s not at the FUNimation studios, Tyler plays drums, produces music, and he and his wife still find time to play in the woods with their three dogs.

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That Anime Show EP 40 with Neal Malley

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Neal Malley has been working at FUNimation for nearly 11 years as a Re-recording Mix Engineer and occasional Sound Designer. His background includes sound design for live theater, and before that he played trombone for eight years. He’s been infatuated with vibrating air molecules and the stories they tell all the way back to playing with a tape recorder at age 7. Having acted a few isolated times he definitely prefers being behind the scenes where the gear is.

Neal has mixed the English dub of many shows while at FUNimation, including Casshern Sins, .Hack Quantum, Black Cat, Ouran High School Host Club, Chrome-Shelled Regios, Strike Witches, Princess Jellyfish, Shin Chan, Rosario+Vampire, Okamisan, Chaos Head, One Piece, Dragonball, DBZ, DBGT, Birdy the Mighty, among others. But it’s working with the people at FUNimation that makes it all so much fun. Neal is in a band called White Girl with Sonny Strait and Gayla Jackson. White Girl will be performing at Ikasucan in Fort Wayne, Indiana this July.

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That Anime Show EP 39 Spin the Bottle

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Stephen Hoff, Sound Engineer to the… stars?, returns as a guest! Episode 3 was Stephen’s first appearance on the show, but Tatum was absent during that recording. This marks the first time that only the TAS Crew has been on an episode, making this That Anime Show’s “Bottle Episode”. Don’t know what that means? Have a listen and all shall be revealed.

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That Anime Show EP 38 Leah Clark

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LEAH CLARK Leah is a voice actress and script writer for FUNimation Entertainment. Her
voice acting career began when she appeared as Girl B in an episode of Case Closed and stole the show… in her own mind. She credits the overwhelming amount of female characters in Negima! and an odd talent for creating sheep voices for the opportunity to play her first major role, Nodoka Miyazaki which then opened the door for several other memorable roles to follow.

Some notable voice works are: Saki Morami in Eden of the East, Kagura in Ga Rei Zero,
Minami in Baka and Test, Homora in Seki Rei. Suzuka in Suzuka, Fuyuki in Sergeant Frog, Blair in Soul Eater, Akane in Rumbling Hearts, Paris in Shin Chan, Miya Miya in Bamboo Blade, Hikari in Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0, Noah in Full Metal Alchemist, Coby and Miss Doublefinger in One Piece, Tenho in O Edo Rocket, Hanabusa in Nabari No O, Maru in XXX Holic and Eri in School Rumble.

Her writing credits include Yamada’s First Time, Seki Rei, Suzuka, Sasami, The Magical Girl Club, Strike Witches, Baka and Test, Gunslinger Girl, Baccano and Peach Girl.

This year, Leah can be heard as Jiji in Princess Jellyfish, Minami in Baka and Test—Season 2, and a couple more awesome things that you’ll hear about sooner or later.

As an ADR Director, Leah has helped the casts of Sasami, the Magical Girl Club, The Tower of Druaga, STRAIN, and a couple Case Closed movies on their way to voice acting greatness. As her first love is the stage, Leah studied musical theater at Circle in the Square on Broadway in New York City. Much of her theatrical credits are in children’s theater and she has taught acting and improv to students ages 8-16 at Dallas Children’s Theater and Zach Scott Theater in Austin.

Look for Leah’s other production works online soon under the name Red Dog Nine—a company founded by her and Todd Haberkorn that likes to roll around in bed with Heal By Rain and make “creativity babies.”

Special thanks to Benjamin Oscar and Michael Gaspersic for running the Official Leah Clark Fan Club. Much love and squishes to the Leaflets! Join today on Facebook!!

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That Anime Show EP 37 Jerry Jewell

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With almost 80 credits to his name, Jerry Jewell can be heard in a wide variety of shows.  He’s probably best known for his roles as Kyo Sohma in Fruits Basket, Jimmy Kudo in Case Closed, Barry the Chopper/Number 66 in Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and most recently as Russia in Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Other popular roles include Lau (Black Butler), Taira (Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad), Happiness Bunny (Shin-Chan), Rin Tsuchimi (Shuffle), Lau (Black Butler), Zelman Clock (Black Blood Brothers), Dio (Casshern Sins), Tony Frost (Blue Gender), Suzaku and Jin (Yu Yu Hakusho), and Akito Hayama (Kodocha).

He can also be heard in Dragon Ball, Eden of the East, Ouran High School Host Club, One Piece, Tsubasa, Trinity Blood, Soul Eater and a lot of other things that he may or may not remember or admit.

Jerry is very honored to have had the opportunity to work with a very talented and dedicated group of people at FUNimation, that take the quality of what they do very seriously. Well…seriously enough.


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