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Ep1 Josh Grelle

Ep2 Joel McDonald

Ep3 Stephen Hoff (with guest host, Josh Grelle)

Ep4 Tia Ballard

Ep5 Anastasia Munoz

Ep6 Alexis Tipton

Ep7 Micah Solusod

Ep8 Maxey Whitehead

Ep9 Stephanie Young

Ep10 Brina Palencia

Ep11 Bryan Massey

Ep12 Chris Burnett

Ep13 Chris Cason

Ep14 Jamie Marchi

Ep15 Eric Vale

Ep16 Monica Rial

Ep17 Cynthia Cranz

Ep18 Aaron Dismuke

Ep19 Joel McDonald

Ep20 Antimere Robinson

Ep21 Tia Ballard

Live @ Anime Overload Pt 1 Caitlin Glass

Live @ Anime Overload Pt 2 Carli Mosier

Ep22 Bryan Massey

Ep23 Josh Grelle

Halloween Special 2010 Todd Haberkorn, Alexis Tipton, Tia Ballard, Jamie Marchi, Jean-Luc Hester, Stephanie Young, & David Brehm

Live @ Yulecon Pt 1 Greg Ayres

Live @ Yulecon Pt 2 Chris Ayres

Ep24 Ian Sinclair

Ep25 The Unofficial One Piece Podcast

Ep27Brina Palencia

Ep28 Alexis Tipton

Ep29 Trina Nishimura

Ep30 Cherami Leigh

Ep31 Stephanie Young & David Brehm

Ep32 Robert McCollum

Ep33 Micah Solusod

Ep34 Aaron Dismuke

Ep35 Mike McFarland

Halloween Special 2011 Ian Sinclair, Scott Freeman, Cherami Leigh, Josh Grelle, Brina Palencia, Chris Burnett, Alexis Tipton, Todd Haberkorn, Tia Ballard, Aaron Dismuke, Caitlin Glass, Ryan Reynolds, Trina Nishimura

Ep36 Cailtin Glass

Ep37 Jerry Jewell

Ep38 Leah Clark

Ep39 The Entire That Anime Show Crew

Ep40 Neal Malley

Ep41 Tyler Walker

Ep42 Apphia Yu

Ep43 Ryan Reynolds

Ep44 Ian Sinclair

Halloween Special 2012 Ian Sinclair, Josh Grelle, Caitlin Glass, Joel McDonald, Mike McFarland, Bryan Massey, Tia Ballard, Ryan Reynolds, and Zach & Steve of The Unofficial One Piece Podcast

Ep45 Jamie Marchi & Joel McDonald

15 Responses

  1. this order is really confusing…>.<

  2. Karen says:

    ooohhhh, I get it! It’s in alphabetical order with the episode(s) number(s) that each has been in next to their name. XD Took me a sec to figure that one out.

  3. Misa says:

    Oh…I get it… It’s in alphabetical order by their last names. Mwa ha ha.

  4. Jaki :}D says:

    such a beautiful list

  5. Craig says:

    Terri and Michael, you guys rock.
    I just became a fan late last summer. I’ve listened and enjoyed all the episodes. May 2011 bring you guys great opportunites.

    …Oh and get Colleen CLinkenbeard on your show. =(

    Take Care guys.

  6. Mercury says:

    Hi Terry and Michael 🙂
    I just found your show a few days ago…. (i’m currently on an anime frenzy at the moment hahaha).
    So far i love it! I can’t wait to sear more from you’s both 😀

    Ps, i agree with everyone else… is it possible to get Colleen Clinkenbeard on too?


  7. yeah, what they said…plus Colleen Clinkenbeard….LOL

  8. Half-Blind Otaku says:

    I recently discovered the show and may I say that it is awesome! I really loved the Alexis Tipton, Brina Palencia, Monica Rial, Brian Massey, and Cherami Leigh Show. It would be awesome if you could get Laura Bailey or Luci Christian on the show too. In any case I look forward to what’s to come. Stay awesome.

  9. Brynn Y. says:

    Hey Terri and J.!

    I listen to That Anime Show on the way to work! I love hearing you guys talk and listening to guests! Especially Ian Sinclair and Eric Vale! You guys should ask Patrick Seitz to be a guest! That would be fun!

  10. Onyx says:

    Hi Terri and Michael!
    First i wanted to say that I love this show and Michael you are my favorite voice actor EVER!!! Second, could you guys get Jonathan Brooks on the show some time? That would be awesome (as Prussia ^^)

  11. Sarah says:

    I’ve been listening to That Anime Show every chance I have free time! I loveloveLOVE the episodes with Bryan Massey, Aaron Dismuke, Chris Cason, Brina Palencia, Eric Vale, and Monica Rial. But actually, I have gotten into the habit of drawing random fan art you guys ask for during shows!

  12. Onyx says:

    Do you think you could get Cherami Leigh on again? or Scott Freeman again?

  13. Bernadette says:

    I discovered your show a few weeks ago and listen to you guys while I’m working. You make me laugh at my desk while I get weird looks from my co workers. You guys are freakin awesome and I look forward to new shows!!!!!!

  14. Wrenny! says:

    You guys rock! You should have Chuck Huber on, and Colleen Clinkenbeard!

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