That Anime Show EP 53 with Austin Tindle

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Austin Tindle HeadshotAustin Tindle is a writer and actor living in Dallas, Texas. He was born in Orlando, Florida, raised in Austin, Texas and attended UTD on academic scholarship, where he almost became an Electrical Engineer. At 19 he was cast as Romeo and changed majors the same day.  You may have seen him around Dallas at Kitchendog Theatre, WaterTower Theatre, Theatre Three, Stage West, Shakespeare Dallas, Project X, Second Thought Theatre, Nouveau 47, Upstart Theatre, and many others. Or maybe you saw the awesome film “Inventors and Vendors”; buy your DVD today! But he’s probably most well-known for his work with Funimation Studios, where he has voiced many characters including Ayumu Aikawa in “Is this a Zombie?”, Accelerator in “A Certain Magical Index”, Kunihito Kusanagi in “Shangri-La”, and Shu Ouma in “Guilty Crown”. And Austin has been a proud member of the Couchsurfing community since 2011. He just really loves couches.

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  1. Jenn says:

    I love listening to your podcast as I get a lot of insider anime information and it’s a good way to pass time while working on stuff. I just thought I’d let you know that this podcast in particular was incredibly informative and, well, my life. From the discussion of the Tyndale Bible’s influence on Shakespeare to the discussion of teachers and education (I am an English Teacher myself), it was such an appropriate, enlightened, and awesome discussion.

    Also, I adore Guilty Crown and Is This a Zombie? so much, so thanks for your contributions to those series!

  2. Maddie says:

    that anime show has been my favorite podcast on apple and on this website for a long time. I started watching it at the beginning of this yea and ever since then i can’t wait till the next one is uploaded. Good job guys! love y’all!

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