That Anime Show EP 51 with Anthony Bowling

zanegeist | July 21, 2013 | COMMENTS:2 Comments »

AnthonyAnthony Bowling is a graduate of The University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in theatre performance. He has been a voice talent for Funimation Entertainment since 2004 appearing in numerous Anime shows featured on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim and The Independant Film Channel. Some of his featured roles have been Ukyo on Samurai 7, Shin Fukuhara in Baka and Test, Chimp in My Bride is a Mermaid and Orito in Is this a Zombie?. Anthony can also be seen as a performer in Ft. Worth’s longest running and award winning improv comedy show “Four Day Weekend”.

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2 Responses

  1. Zaigadeke says:

    I found Black Butler through some obscure russian amv for Grell. Thus, I thought the anime was about some red-haired chick with a chainsaw.

  2. Daniel Chase says:

    Black butler was pretty good though, you have to give it a chance

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