That Anime Show EP 45 with Jamie Marchi and Joel McDonald

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Raised on a steady diet of Bob Saget, Anton Chekhov, Journey and Mentos, Jamie Marchi has been making fresh and acting professionally for a number of years, which, in the interest of national security, shall not be disclosed at this time.

Some of her other more popular voice acting roles are from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (Panty), Witchblade (Masane), Hetalia (Narrator), Soul Eater (Liz), Sgt. Frog (Aki), Shin Chan (Miss Polly), YuYu Hakusho (Juri), Fruits Basket (Motoko), Black Cat (Rinslet), Spice and Wolf (Chloe), Rin (Mimi), Blassreiter (Amanda), Negima (Haruna), Burst Angel (Meg), Claymore (Helen), One Piece (Miss Valentine), Ouran (Chizuru), FMA(s) (Rebecca, Rick), Strike Witches (Shirley), Freezing (Rana), Rosario + Vampire (Ms. Nekonome), Sekirei (Uzume), Legend of the Legendary Heroes (Milk), Sengoku Basara (Matsu), Baka and Test (Shouko), as well as the unforgettable Mikako Satsukitane in Heaven’s Lost Property. Jamie’s behind the scene experience whipping out script adaptations include: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Hetalia, Spice and Wolf, Sgt. Frog, Yamada’s First Time, Baka and Test, Okamisan, Oh! Edo Rocket, Strike Witches, and Negima?! amongst others. She’s also directed Hetalia (Season 3), Spice and Wolf, Sgt. Frog and Negima?!.

In her spare time, Jamie enjoys theatre, 80s music, dancing, running, football, spending time with people who don’t suck, anything cheese or Gummi related, making fun of people who are taking long walks on the beach, and generally just being a redhead. Born in Knoxville but never considering herself a Knoxvillian, she now resides in Dallas after majoring in Theater and minoring in fashion and espionage at the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!).


Joel McDonald has many talents. Writing bios is not among them. He used to do a lot of theatre, but now he works at Funimation on anime and stuff.

Additional details can be found on Google under the search heading “poop sex videos.”


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  1. George Wan says:

    To be fair Joel, Canada is part of North America…

    – George (from Canada)

  2. Joel McDonald says:

    Yeah, I told that story wrong. Girl was asked to point out SOUTH America on a map and she pointed to the U.S. Her logic was that Canada was North America, so we must be South America. No offense intended, I just have the memory span of… well, an American.


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