That Anime Show EP 20, “Antimere Robinson”

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Antimere Robinson is stressed out that he has to write this bio thing in the third person so he’s going to switch it around

“I started working for FUNImation in 2002 after completing my BFA at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX. At that time, a lot of people from Denton and UNT started working here, too. Denton is full of artists, musicians, writers, and some very talented vagabonds. I started off designing DVD menus and now I am the Manager of Creative Services and that means I oversee four departments: Graphic Arts, Copywriting, Promotional Video, and Web.

I am rather fond of packaging. Not just DVD products but all kinds of packaging. Sometimes what you buy is as interesting as the box it comes in. Honestly, sometimes the best packaging is better than what it holds. I wish I had a reason to buy high-end cosmetics; if you’ve never seen Anna Sui cosmetics then you’re missing out on a visual treat.

I’m most proud of the packaging I designed for Gunslinger Girl, Fullmetal Alchemist, SpeedGrapher, Hell Girl, and the first Dragon Ball saga sets. Getting the opportunity to design the packaging for Evangelion 1.01 & 1.11 was thrilling and nerve-wracking. I’m a longtime fan of the entire franchise and still can’t believe that I had the chance to add my fingerprint.

I’m lucky in that I’ve also been cast in several of our shows. The first four roles I ever got are probably my favorite: Head Chef in Fruits Basket, Tweedledum in Kiddy Grade, Tranny in Burst Angel, and Bob is SpeedGrapher.

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  1. KL says:

    “Sometimes what you buy is as interesting as the box it comes in. Honestly, sometimes the best packaging is better than what it holds.”

    I fully agree.

    I did not know who made the packaging for those products. Kudos to Mr. Robinson for that. The Speed Grapher limited edition box is awesome, it’s the best anime box set I’ve ever seen. I bought it just for the box & ornate DVD designs.

    The Speed Grapher box with all the DVDs in one box is also a work of genius, with the separate container for all the sweet off-disc physical extras. If only more DVDs went that route. The design of that box was copied for other Funi products such as Witchblade, and it is a successful design that I’d like to see proliferate through the Funi line.

    And my wallet & I are doing our part to make sure that happens.

    (I hear that VAs are opposed to comparisons to their Japanese counterparts, but Mr. Robinson blew his counterpart away in Speed Grapher. Nolo Contendere is what that guy should be saying.)

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