That Anime Show EP 30 with Cherami Leigh

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Cherami Leigh is an on camera and voice actor from Dallas. She has been in over 60 commercials, and was a live national on air DJ for Radio Disney. She has appeared on “Walker Texas Ranger”, “The Deep End”, “Friday Night Lights” and “Chase.” As well as appearing in “Fast Food Nation”, “The Hottest State,” “The Mist,” “Spilt Milk,” the soon to be released, “Beyond the Farthest Star” and in the new webseries “Throwing Stones.” She was also in the Emmy award winning “Temple Grandin” and played Young LeAnn Rimes in “Holiday in the Heart.”

In the Anime World- she has appeared as Road in “D. Grayman, ” Sae in “Peach Girl,” Yuti La in “Heroic Age,” Elizabeth in “Black Butler,” Patty in “Soul Eater,” Ayano in “Kaze no Stigma,” Natsumi in “Sgt. Frog,” Naomi in “Witchblade,” Yoshika in “Strike Witches,” Elicia Hughes in “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”, Setsuna and Akira in “Negima,” Mai in “Ghost Hunt,” Tamaki in “Bamboo Blade,” Himawari in “XXXholic,” Lunar in “My Bride is a Mermaid,” Liechtenstein in “Hetalia,” among others. And was recently announced to be playing Cecily in “Sacred Blacksmith.”

She is also attending college, performs with an improve troupe (The Hindenburgs), loves screenwriting, painting, and stars!

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7 Responses

  1. Conner says:

    The cupcake thing reminds me of this monologue a girl in my acting class about this girl who put laxatives in cookies to give to ex-boyfriend. The gal who performed it was all perky the whole time. It was AWESOME.

    Cherami should totally perform it now. xD I would pay to see that.

  2. Lea says:

    The cupcake thing was way way way too funny. And Tatum’s biceps? Inches? 15? Impressive… (subtext – YUM)
    And AH MY GOD I ALWAYS do shit like counting the number of steps to find out whether so and so likes you, or your team will win or whatever. I always… I always. Great episode. You guys rock, as always. 🙂

  3. Milli says:

    The only horror movie that scared me was Susperia, it just freaked me out.

  4. Mhoon says:

    Cherami Leigh needs her own magical girl outfit for cupcakes.

  5. you guys are awesome! thanks for the support! i would love to see that monologue!! and i should get some sort of cupcake attire shouldn’t i? lol

  6. SINP23R says:


  7. edwin says:

    I’m just discovering this podcast. Amazing. Amazing ending. You all are awesome 🙂

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