That Anime Show EP 10, “Brina Palencia”

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Brina Palencia is a magical creature native to the mythical land of Oklahoma.  She also has strong genetic ties to the far away land of Honduras.  She migrated to Dallas, TX as a teenager and has stayed ever since.  She has many magical powers.  The most popular power would be that of voice acting.  Her credits are numerous and can all be found on the interwebs. She also holds the power of on-camera acting. You’ve most likely seen her on the magic picture box at GameStop alongside Chris Burnett (fellow voice actor) talking about video games.  Beyond that her powers include – but are not limited to – singing, cooking and baking, and playing pranks on Tatum.

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3 Responses

  1. nope. hands down, this is still my favorite to listen too!<3

  2. Fiammetta says:

    … I am eleven minutes into this episode, and I can at this point say that it is the most AMAZING thing I have ever listened to. New favorite podcast. Hands. Down.

  3. Lea says:

    Listening to Brina and you guys talk about swearing and what an art it truly is, I was just thinking “These are my PEOPLE”.

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