That Anime Show EP 8, “Maxey Whitehead”

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Maxey Whitehead was first cast by FUNimation Entertainment in 2008 to give life to the character of Antonio in Romeo X Juliet. Since then, Maxey has been fortunate to work on some amazing shows, such as Baccano! (Czeslaw Mayer), Soul Eater (Crona), and El Cazador de la Bruja (Ellis). In addition, Maxey is extremely honored to be the new voice of Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Outside of doing voice over, Maxey is also an accomplished stage actor and has appeared at theatres all over Dallas as well as on the East Coast.

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  1. Emily says:

    Hey! Love this show!!!! (and I guess I’m a little behind the times -_-‘ ) but with you all talking about about Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and your parts where you replaced the original actors I got curious. (I never really got into brotherhood. I just preferred to leave it as the original series…) but I watched a couple of episodes and I just felt compelled to compliment you (both Maxey and Tatum) for your parts. I think that no one was better to replace Aaron as Al than Maxey Whitehead, And about your performance, Tatum, I honestly don’t think I would have realized it was you if I hadn’t known beforehand. So, just, great job and I look foreward to more anime and more That Anime Show in 2011 (it feels weird to be saying that…)
    Well, sorry if I’m rambling, and Merry Christmas!!!!
    (Date: Friday, Dec. 24)

  2. vicwhite says:

    ok i have been catching up to all your shows and i was listening to 1 thing pop in my head… maxey sounds like a little boy, and if i had not seen her in real life, i wont associate her voice to her body.

  3. Sasha L. says:

    At one point in this recording, Maxey says, “Mom?” And while I was watching this my mom walked in and said, “Did you call me?”
    She just paid me the highest complement and she didn’t even realize. I was very excited.

    You should have Maxey come back on sometime soon! You three are a good combination. :]

  4. amethyst says:

    I love maxey whitehead she is some of my favrote charates and I want to work with her and
    Want to work for fundamaion

  5. Ash Christopher says:

    Goodness, I’ve finally made my way back to trying to listen through all of these. I’ve actually found that book, “The Right to Speak” and look forward to reading through it. I always manage to learn something more about voice acting with every episode I listen to… along with some entertaining stories 🙂

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