That Anime Show EP 7, “Micah Solusod”

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Years ago, on an island across the sea, an Asian boy with a ponytail wondered how he could bring his love for acting and interest for anime together. His wishing came to an end when he moved to TX to pursue a career in voice acting. In late 2009, he, whom we will refer to as Micah, debuted in ‘Blassreiter’ as Malek Werner. Since then, Micah has provided voices for characters such as the Newspaper Chief in ‘Sgt. Frog’, Reve Urshela in ‘Sands of Destruction’, and most recently Soul in ‘Soul Eater. He enjoys the simple things in life and has a very short attention sp

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  1. Javiera Pizarro says:

    I think you are wonderful! I am also going to Texas to pursue my dream of becoming a voice actress. I know I can do it. 😀 Thank you for furthering my inspiration! 😀 Loved you on Soul Eater!

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