That Anime Show EP 6, “Alexis Tipton”

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Touched by the world of theatre (standard and musical) since she was a small child, Alexis Tipton is excited to be a part of acting beyond the stage. She is currently pursuing a major in International Studies and a minor in Japanese at UNT. Already an active member of the cosplay community, where characters are given life through photography and costumes, Alexis is ecstatic to now have the ability to give them life through her voice. In November of 2008, she officially joined the world of voice acting and has recorded for such titles as Linebarrels of Iron (Emi Kizaki), Bamboo Blade (Yuuri Ando), Sgt Frog (Chiruyo Tsukigami), and more both announced and unannounced. Her ultimate wish is to be able to bring entertainment to persons everywhere, near and far!

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