TAS At Yulecon 2010 Part 2 with Chris Ayres!!

zanegeist | November 15, 2010 | COMMENTS:2 Comments »

Hear the second part of the live interview with Chris Ayres at Yulecon 2010!

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  1. Chris: “Michael ended up crying like a virgin raped by a chainsaw.”
    Terri: “I’m so glad the door was opened for that!”
    Chris: “I didnt say a single bad word. Virgin, rape, and chainsaw are not profanity. I just happened to put them together in a very interesting way. So there.”
    Michael: “It’s conceptual profanity”.

    That…was…amazing. XD Dude, I was in school when I heard this and I got looks. X}D

  2. ColleenS says:

    So I’ve been stuck at home with a fever for the past two days, on my vacation, when I should be out with my sister who’s in town whom I haven’t seen in almost three years. With lots of water and vitamins I’m sitting here listening to TAS hoping that some good laughter might help me recover sooner. Is that silly of me?

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