That Anime Show EP 23: The Return of Josh Grelle

zanegeist | October 17, 2010 | COMMENTS:8 Comments »

Josh has returned with great tales of stuff, stuff, and more stuff.

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  1. Puritysan says:

    “….and that’s how I lost the front part of my food.”


  2. Bex says:

    Great episode! And thanks for answering my question, guys <3 I'll be tuning in every week! :3

  3. Aker206 says:

    In reference to Ash Ketchum, “I choose you, TATUM!!!”

  4. Speaking of Vagina dentata…has anyone seen the movie called “Teeth”? I heard it’s really good. XD Plus, I have a newfound love for Pokemon again.

  5. RedHat says:

    Well alrighty then

  6. Sonnie Bell says:

    Awesom show you guys, thanks so much for answering my question..and yes I’m a girl ;p

  7. Jaki :}D says:

    I adore Josh’s fan-boyness.
    In other words, I fan-girl for his fan-boy. >_<

  8. Renrie says:

    Tatum, I’m right there with you on the subtext in Ouran! And just when I think you couldn’t be any more awesome… Your cool points are shooting through the roof!

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